Jason's 5.0 Ranger 

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5.0 Teardown

This engine had 202 K original miles on it when it was removed from the Lincoln, and I was very surprised to
still see cross hash marks in the cylinders and then when I checked the piston to cylinder clearance the cylinder was only worn .002 and the pistons were .0015, this gave me .005-.006 piston to cylinder clearance which is very good for the miles it had on it, this is the beauty of fuel injection, a more atomized fuel spray means less ring pressure on the cylinder walls which results in longer engine life. A carbureted set up if not tuned properly will dump raw fuel in the cylinders when it is floored causing a wet fuel mixture, and this puts tremendous loads on  your rings and this wears your cylinders prematurely.

The tear down was straight forward and took about an hour to complete.