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Here is the Lincoln engine being restored back to it's original glory, with all OEM equipment except where oem could not be used. The rebuild was straight forward and started with the block being taken down to the local Machine shop and having the blocked bored .030 over and having the block decked to get the twist out of it, decking is very important especially on 302 blocks because they have a tendency to twist leaving the decks misaligned to the crank centerline.

The rebuild kit was just a generic kit with the exception of the valve cover and oil pan gaskets, for these I like to use the Rubber gaskets to eliminate oil leaks, for the pan I used a Felpro 1 piece silicon rubber gasket, these gaskets were ordered separate through Summit. Great care was taken to achieve an average piston deck height of .004 for the average of all 8  cylinders and less than .002 deviation between all 8. The piston volumes and chamber volumes were also cc'ed and held to within 1cc, this was done to achieve my target Compression ratio of 8.6 to 1, the CR target was for engine life, fuel mileage, and for my Blower in the future, remember, you don't have to have high compression to make good street HP.

I had a few parts on the Lincoln that I did not want to reuse, such as the camshaft, and the heads, the camshaft and heads had 202K miles on them and one head turned out to be cracked, so luckily one of my bosses at work is a Mustang  fanatic and he had allot of  Mustang parts from a '89 Stang that had been laying around in his attic waiting on someone doing a Ranger swap to take them off his hands. So I bought 2 E7TE heads, EGR spacer,  Throttle body, Injectors, Brand new upper and lower FMS plenum, Camshaft, and other various parts. The heads had 60K miles on them so I had the valve seats reground just to freshen them up.

All the internals of the engine are stock components.