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Here is a few notes !!!

*Notes mentioned here are specific to the conventional or Long accessory swap,
some are specific to the Mark 7 donor car
  • Doing the Long accessory (conventional) swap with a radiator mounted under the 
    core support, such as the Total Performance radiator, I found that the fan spacer length is best at 1 1/4" long. I could not find one this length, so I had to machine one from a 2" one.
  • I had to lengthen my Drive shaft 1 1/8" with the AOD. This is with a '88 regular cab w/ L&L mounts. It may seem long enough, but after replacing a tail shaft bushing I had it lengthened. This length may be determined by the Yoke that you use, I used a Mark 7 yoke.
  • The V-6 radiator shroud works great for a V-8 shroud if you use some ingenuity, cut off the bottom and make clearance for your accessories install from the top and reattach the bottom piece from the bottom.
  • Stock floor shifter will work if you use a Mark 7 cable and loop it 180 deg and do a little fab work for your anchor points on each end. I used the Mark 7's anchor points and attached them to the Ranger.
  • The stock Tachometer will work if you don't mind it being off a little bit and not being linier. You'll have to jump a wire on back of the Tach between L2 and GRD post.
  • The only mods to make A/C work besides the A/C box mod, is to mount your condenser behind the grill, use a Mark 7 compressor, and have a custom suction line made.