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The installation of the engine is one of the most important steps in determining what obstructions you may encounter and also gives  you a perspective for work that may need to be done, but you must think ahead and think of things that will be in the engine bay with the engine that are not in there now. I had already anticipated doing 3 trial runs on sitting the engine in place before the final installation, but the L&L mounts made this job easy, because it placed the engine exactly where it needed to be.
Things that need to be considered are driver side valve cover clearance, header fitment, access to # 8 sparkplug, radiator fitment and fan clearance, A/C box mods before final installation, power steering pump over gearbox clearance, and upper plenum clearance. I assembled all of my brackets after the engine was in place to see what kind of mods might have to be done, this was done on the first trial run so I could fix stuff and then fit it, after I was satisfied with all of the fitments then It was time to pull it out and get ready for engine bay painting.