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Engine Bay

Here is a few pic's of the engine bay before and after the V-6 was removed and also after it was repainted. The engine bay required allot of elbow grease and hard work to get it ready for painting, even though it was in pretty good shape. Ricky and Me spent a complete day just on preparing the bay for painting, we started out by hand and brush washing all the heavy build up of road film off of it, then we took it to the car wash on a trailer and washed some more, then we brought it back home and washed some more, after that was done the next day was spent looking for any signs of oxidation and to my amazement it looked real good, but just to be safe I used a little Osfo (rust sealer) under the vent area in front of the windshield since this is a drain area for water, then I purchased some Enamel paint by the factory paint codes and sprayed it with a touch up sprayer.