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Donor Car

Here is the Donor car I  purchased to start my swap with, If I had it to do again I would have tried to find a vehicle that was already mass air,   but unfortunately I did not do enough research to realize that the '88 was Speed Density controlled,  however this was not a problem to convert to Mass air, but this meant I could not use  the computer or harness from the Mark 7.  The Mark 7 harness would have been a nightmare to try and separate anyhow with my limited wiring skills. The main thing to try and remember is to keep the donor car around as long as possible until the swap is  complete or until you wife threatens to divorce you because of the junk car lot you've started, because  trust  me, as soon as the donor's gone.........your going to need something.  Striping the donor was straight forward, I spent about 3-4 hours cutting the exhaust out and dropping the tranny, then I ate lunch and came back and spent about 4-5 hours removing the engine, and as you can tell  from the top right picture, it was getting dark out and was time for Supper.