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This site is dedicated to V-8 Ranger enthusiast and anyone wanting to complete the swap, hopefully some of the information and pictures can aid in making the swap a little less daunting and less painful. 

My truck is a 1988 Ranger that originally came with a 2.9L with an A4LD Transmission, which was the main reason for the swap. The A4LD was just  too weak for every weekend pulling, even light loads were too much for it, so after dumping $1300 into a tranny rebuild I cracked a head  on the   2.9, so I had a choice, rebuild the 2.9 and still have a weak tranny..............or upgrade, so I started doing my research and after about 2 months 
of heavy internet searching I had enough information to get started. I purchased a 1988 Lincoln Mark7 for $400 with 202K  miles on it, pulled it out, 
  rebuilt the engine, converted it to Mass air for later upgrades, I also used the Mark7's AOD tranny.
The total swap took 7 months, working at least 1 day a weekend 4-6 hour day's to complete, I estimated around 150 hours. This swap could be performed   in 30-40 hours if it's just a simple "swap", which mine wasn't.  The simple swap I speak of is ripping a working engine out of a donor car
 and stuffing it in the Ranger with no regards for  looks, quality or craftsmanship. The swap itself can be very costly and time consuming especially if you want it to look decent and be dependable, and did I mention dependable, so don't cut corners unless your are not concerned with  looks or dependability.  I currently have about $7500 bucks tied up in mine..........and the Engine is stock.

 All of my original accessories operate the same as they did with the V-6 including A/C, Cruise control, Stock Tachometer, Stock floor shifter, all Gauges, Warning Lights, and Check engine light.

If you have any questions or need some additional pictures I may have not posted
drop me an E-MAIL and I'll try to answer them for you.


 Disclaimer:  I accept no responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses you incur by using info from my website.  Although I  believe it to be accurate, there are many variables in doing the V8 Ranger Swap which you will need to work out.  Use this site for general  information only.