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I was so happy to finally get to drive her after all the hard work and long hours that were spent trying to make this swap a 
success, and I have to say, this Ranger is a joy to drive everyday. The main thing I was looking for in the swap was for all
of the original equipment to work and for the truck to be stock looking, and all the bells and whistles work, including cruise
control, A/C, stock floor shifter, fuel inertia switch, all gauges including the stock Tachometer, and check engine light.

The next upgrade will have to be a set of AFR 165's, larger 65mm EGR spacer and throttle body, and a E-303 Cam,
after that who knows, but I'll be sure to update as any new mods happen.

I think this would look great on the little Ranger.


Special Thanks

I would like to give credit where credit is due and thank a few people, because without there help this V8 swap would not have been possible. First I would like to thank my best friend, Rick Sizemore, he spent allot, if not all of his time during the swap with me lending a hand, and helping me decide on tuff decisions that needed to be made, he is also responsible for all of the detail work that went into making the wiring and engine bay look so neat.

I would like to thank a good friend which I have never met in person but did meet on the Internet in a Ranger forum, this would be Dave Cole. This guy offered his help to me without knowing me and lent not only his expertise about Ranger swaps, but also moral support when I thought I'd had enough and was going to pull my hair out. I would also like  to thank Dave's family for putting up with all the phone calls during the swap.

One of the first guy's to put me on the right track before I started the swap was a guy named Vedo, this guy works for
Total Performance and I accidentally stumbled across him while looking for a custom Radiator for the Ranger swap. This guy has been a big help to me both during and after the swap, I would like to say thanks to Total Performance for providing a top notch radiator for the swap, and thanks to Vedo for taking the time to lend great expertise on the swap.

I wish I could remember all the people on on the Ranger forums that have helped me, Thanks to all !!!

Garrett Berg
Harry Niestrath

***Rest in Peace***