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Here is the Lincoln Mark 7's AOD Transmission, this tranny was rebuilt with a 2000 RPM stall made by Precision Performance, and a shift kit made by Transgo, all the work was done by Bakers transmission in Orange, Texas.
I was able to keep my stock floor shifter in the Ranger by taking the shift cable from the Mark7 and modifying it to work for the Ranger, the cable in the Mark7 was a straight push/pull cable and since the Ranger had a pivot point and lever hanging down underneath I had to make the cable do a 180 deg bend  to make the shift points work. I used the Original bracket from the Mark7 for the tranny end and used the bracket that attached to the Lincolns shifter for the Ranger attachment point. This all took a little fabrication and determination to pull it off but the end result was what I was looking for, which was a original looking Ranger.