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A/C Box

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The A/C Plenum was one, if not the number one thing that had to work for this swap to be successful, I was not going to be trying to endure these hot Texas summers without the comfort of air conditioning.  I made the first trial run on the engine, setting it down on the L&L mounts then began trying to figure out exactly what needed to be done to make the a/c box fit. I separated the a/c box and only used the half that needed the hole in it to begin gauging exactly where and how big the hole needed to be, I tried to keep in mind not to restrict the air in the box to much and that in the future I might need to remove the passenger side valve cover, so I added a little extra clearance for that. As you can tell from the pictures I cut the hole in the box first using a Saws all (reciprocating saw) after I was happy with the hole size I used some regular house screen and doubled it to make it stronger and pop riveted it on the inside of the box to get the shape I wanted and then I used some fiberglass filler (Dynaglass) and coated the outside of the box and then the inside of the box. After it had set about 30 minutes I then used a die grinder with a cutoff wheel to remove the protruding pop rivets from the outside of the box.

The entire A/C box modification took about 6 hours to complete including painting and installation and it's also removable and was installed for it's final time after the engine was in and completed.

* NOTE *
 Using the 90 deg plenum there was some Machine work that had to be done to shorten the distance that the Throttle body protruded toward the passenger side, this distance had to be shortened or the intake boot was not going to fit, so I ended up taking .400 off of the face of the upper plenum where the EGR spacer mounts, I  machined .125 off one side of the EGR spacer and .062 off the other, I machined .100 off of the mounting surface of the Throttle body also. This saved me a total of .687 (11/16"). By doing this I set back the inlet of the throttle body 11/16" toward the driver side.